Season's Greetings!

There's a warm stirring here in Bobtown. This is the time of year when we put things into perspective—when we focus on what we have instead of what we're lacking. And in Bobtown, we have so much. Not only do we enjoy genuine friendships among members, but we are also part of a community of creators, dreamers and doers, a supportive network that props us up in the down times and celebrates our many wins with us. You are part of that community. To every fan who has pre-ordered our latest release, trudged through snow or rain to be at a show, forwarded a Facebook post to spread the word on a performance, we thank you. To all who have joined our mailing list, "liked" us on social media, or simply opened and read our emails, you have our sincere and deepest gratitude. 

Bobtown members have a lot brewing in the coming year—Karen will be doing a tour of Germany in the month of April, and Katherine will be fulfilling family obligations from January until Karen returns, but afterwards—lookout! We're writing, booking and gearing up for Bobtown's nearly 10 years in the folk/Americana scene, and we couldn't be more excited!

Our closing wish for 2016: may the spirit of kindness, forgiveness and appreciation find you during this holiday season and move you into 2017 with an open heart.

Happy holidays, and love from Katherine, Alan, Jen and Karen.

Photo courtesy of John Platt.